Flormar Ridge Vanisher, covering the roughness and imperfections of the nail surface, continues to be the secret of well-groomed and elegant hands! If you’re looking for a solution to appearances that affect smoothness such as smudging, yellowness, layering, or peeling, Ridge Vanisher primer will be your greatest assistant! Flormar nail care, which you can use before the nail polish application, takes effect instantly and dries quickly. Ridge Vanisher, which provides moisture replenishment while making imperfections invisible, gives your nails a lively look. Your nails become more flawless than ever with Flormar care primer which renews the nails. You’ll love the velvety effect the Ridge Vanisher care primer which can also be used without applying nail polish, leaves on your nails. If you believe that elegant hands can be achieved with flawless nails, and always want a well-groomed look, Flormar Ridge Vanisher is here for you!

Product code: 35000032-000
11 ml