The Group sells over 150 brands, covering over 7,000 skincare, fragrance, make-up and HairCare, body care products, handbags and accessories under international brands including own-brands and exclusive products. Its extensive regional retail network currently comprises of over 3 “Baghe Khatina” multi-brand stores in Iraq and 4 wholesale stores, as well as 43 Flormar specialty stores, two Marka specialty stores and one Opulent specialty store.


In addition to selling its own-brand products, the Group also operates as the sole agent for many international cosmetics brands in Iraq. Baghe Khatina is today one of the largest sole agents in cosmetics in Iraq, with services that include brand management, marketing, sales and distribution. The Group currently manages over 6 exclusive international beauty brands including Flormar, LAKMÉ COSMETICS, Ákos, SPS Cosmetic, Renée Blanche, Pretty by Flormar, etc. This business accounts for over 75.3% of Baghe Khatina total retail turnover.


With 25 years of experience in cosmetics retailing and the support of its loyal and ever expanding customer base, Baghe Khatina has grown into Iraqi’s leading independent retailer of quality cosmetics products.

Throughout the years, Baghe Khatina has maintained excellent long-term relationship with its suppliers. With its global purchasing and sourcing capabilities, often buying in large quantities to increase bargaining power, Baghe Khatina manages to offer a wide selection of quality products at competitive prices. Its market leadership reflects its innovative retailing formula based on choice and convenience. The “best of the best” concept and open display for beauty products introduced by Baghe Khatina has made the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Baghe Khatina considers employee training as crucial to the continued success of its operations and business expansion. Training is focused on product knowledge and service skills and in turn providing the best customer service possible.


Currently, the “Baghe Khatina” stores and counters in all regions are solely owned and operated by the Group, with no operation in the form of partnership.

As at 1 April 2017, the retail network of Baghe Khatina is as follows: